Yoga 4 You (Howick)

Beginner Level:
Suitable for those with some fitness. The 7 week term will help the student become aware of their body bringing about flexibility and one can slowly progress at their own level.
Please advice any injuries.

General Level:
Reasonable fitness required as one will quickly progress to a deeper level.
For best results we encourage one to practise yoga 2-3x per week..
This class introduces breath awareness and may include relaxation (The best part).

Yoga for Pregnancy: (Antenatal)
Begin these gentle classes from your sixteenth week of pregnancy to full term. 
This class is suitable for all levels of fitness and experience.
We practice Asanas (postures), Pranayama (breathing exercises), and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation).

Yoga provides a gentle, safe and supportive health care programme for both mother and baby during pregnancy, delivery and after birth.

Feel free to contact Nadine for more information regarding these informative classes to benefit you and your baby.

Bring a mat and blanket/towel. (May be used as a prop or cover for relaxation)
Have a light meal one hour before practise.

After class we encourage one to drink filtered water.

Infinite Yoga (St Heliers)

Gentle Yoga

I decided to do this class with the thought of people returning to yoga after a break, students and even for those with some ailment although I like to discuss this area firstly.
We gently introduce yoga postures, breathing and relaxation. Although it is not a prerequisite for the general classes, people have found that learning the basics and having an understanding of yoga helps them to move into the general classes at their own pace, with a lot more ease and understanding to become completely involved and aware in your practice of yoga - performing simple exercises, asanas and pranayama (breathing) absolutely correctly and with best intention.

We introduce yoga nidra (relaxation) to give us the full benefits of the yoga practise and deeper awareness of self.

General Yoga
Requires a good fitness level. Works at 2 levels or work at your own pace.
Brings in the breathe awareness a part of yoga technique reduce unwanted tensions.

Have a little challenge feel the strength, flexibility and toning for your whole body and mind.

Bring a mat, some spares are available, we also have mats for sale.
A blanket and/or towel may be useful.
All welcome